I Have a Loose Tooth (Mobility 2) with Bone Loss Occurring over 1 Year; is There Any Alternative to Extraction?

the gum pocket is 9 mm and the tooth in front of it is starting to loosen. I do not have peridontal disease elsewhere so my dentist thinks a cracked root might be the cause of the bone loss. I have no pain

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Loose Tooth With Bone Loss

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You might want to see a periodontist (gum specialist) before deciding what to do, especially since it's involving two teeth. With a 9 mm pocket and mobility, the outlook for that tooth isn't good, crack or no crack. Teeth can have so little bone left around them that it doesn't make much sense to keep them. An implant could be the least expensive and most reliable option for you long term. Today, implants have a very high success rate and it's often better and less expensive to have a successful implant rather than complicated dentistry on questionable teeth.

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