Is I-Lipo Safe for Diabetics?

I have been on insulin for 40 years and think I have some scar tissue at my injection sites in my stomach....would I-lipo work for me?

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Liposuction can be performed Safely in Diabetics

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In general if your diabetes is under good control and you have medical clearance from your medical doctor managing it there are no contraindications from the standpoint of diabetes alone. I have done liposuction on scores of diabetics without problems. There has been speculation in fact that liposuction theoretically might help diabetes as too much fat makes you more insulin resistant. There will be an increased risk of possible infection and other complications but this is uncommon in this procedure especially if performed in a limited area and under 2-3 hours of surgical time.

Lipo in diabetics

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Thank you for the question.


As long as your diabetes is stable - Hemoglobin A1C below 6, and your internist approves of surgery, you can have it done.  See a board certified plastic surgeon.


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Dr. Widder

Liposuction with diabetes.

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Diabetes will predispose you to a slightly higher risk of complications including infection and wound healing, but if it is under good control this risk should be minimally increased. The issue of scar tissue from injections should not be of concern as the injections for the insulin are usually much more superficial than the depth of liposuction. These are questions that can be easily determined by an experienced surgeon in your area. Ask around and do your research before choosing a qualified physician to do any procedure.

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