I Live in the Austin Area and Was Wondering if There Are Rhinoplasty Surgeons Recommended Here?

I've been searching online but am getting overwhelmed since there are so many doctors who do rhinoplasty procedures. I was wondering if there are any here that are specifically recommended. I've been wanting one for years now and am finally getting it so I am really nervous that I'll choose the wrong person. I would prefer to stay in the Austin area because it would be easier for me. But other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Referral for Austin, Texas

Dear AustinTexas,

I would start by reviewing the surgeons on real self and reading their patient reviews. Select a few highly recommended surgeons  and make several consulting appointments. If your surgeon is an expert in rhinoplasty you should see many patients in the office in various phases of rhinoplasty recovery who will probably be happy to share their experience. Also review all of the before and after photographs and see if you like the surgical results. If you are not satisfied then you may want to pick a surgeon from another area. I have patient's fly across the United States quite often for surgery so do not be set on just the Austin area. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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