I-lipo work for love handles and muffin top?

Hi There, I am not over wieght, I am 5'5 120 pounds and have had 2 children. I no longer like the way the meat / skin around my midsection sits on me. It's not tight and smooth, I have small love handles and when I wear certain pants I have a little bit of a muffin top. I have managed to diet and exercise and lost a few pounds but I look relatively the same. Pre - pregnancy I was 110 so I don't think the wieght is the issue. Would I-lipo help me get some of those results I am looking for? 

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Body shape

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Dear Peanut,

    Submiting your front and side views will be very helpful to give an appropriate opinion. Your BMI is 19, so you are not over weight. You have 2 children, so your abdominal skin and muscles are most likely loose causing the abdominal wall to protrude. In that case a tummy tuck will be the better approach. If your abdomen is still tight and you just have just fat collection in certain areas, than liposuction will get you the body shape that you desire. Be sure to consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

                            Best of luck,

                                                     Dr Widder


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