I Have Lines in my Face from Mixto Laser I Had Done 16 Days Ago? (photo)

I'm a 29 year old who went to a reputable board certified plastic surgeon for mixto laser 16 days ago for acne scars.On the 3rd day I noticed engraved lines from where the laser was in my skin some areas that had started to peel. The lines are still there though the redness is long gone. It's only on my right cheek,w/ the exception of a small area on my left temple & right inner cheek. I am following the doctors skin care regimen. They keep saying its normal and can go away. Will they? see pic.

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Patterns on face after fractional lasers generally vanish with time

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Your facial lines are from the pattern of the laser scan. These lines will disappear over the next several weeks. Young, oily skin tends to be more prone to delayed resolution of these line.

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