I Would Like to Have Vaser Liposuction for Lipedema in the Arms and Legs. Is That Possible? (Not Lymphedema)

I currently weigh 197 pounds and I have lipedema in my legs (hip to calf) and arms (tricep). How can I find a doctor familiar with lipedema to do the procedure and is there is a weight criteria? My goal is to lose another 52 pounds. (Not Lymphedema)

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Liposuction is not performed for lymphedema

You probably mean lymphedema and I would strongly encourage you to have a full medical work up for causes of lymphedema. Occasionally, lymphatic massages have shown to improve the situation. I would strongly discourage you from seeking liposuction to improve lymphedema as it will most likely worsen it.


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VASER liposuction is not for lymphedema

Hi there-

If what you are describing is lymphedema, it is important to understand that as this is not a normal condition, evaluation and a search for causes would be the first order of business for you...

If a cause is identified, it is possible a more direct treatment would be of benefit to you...

In any case, liposuction would not be likely to improve your problem, and may worsen it.

Visit your medical doctor for evaluation and recommendations.

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