I Used to Be Able to Lift 45lbs on Each Hand and 150 on Bench Press with Bar. Could I Do It Now?

I used to train everyday for 2 hours. I was able to lift a lot of weight with my arms and almost 300lbs on leg press, now I´m afraid because a friend of mine had to be rushed to a hospital because one of her implants almost bursted open and thedoctor said it was because of weightlifting. Although she had just started training. I´ve been training for 5 years. But I´m afraid because I´m 40. Please letme know... I would really love to go back to being strong and keeping my body tight for my age. Thank you.

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Weight lifting and implants

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Breast implants are pretty tough and durable, certainly tough enough to withstand anything that a breast is normally subjected to.  I have even heard anecdotal reports of people driving cars over breast implants and they remain intact.  I doubt that flexing the chest muscle could break an implant.  A more likely problem would be that the implant would be forced laterally out into the armpit area.  I tell my patients that, when I put their implants under the chest muscle that the muscle is being pushed out into the breast and is now part of the breast.  With that in mind, they want it to be soft and pliable, not tight and toned.  Work out other parts of your musclulature but leave the chest muscle alone as much as possible if you can.  By the way, if the implants were to migrate laterally, there is surgery that can be done to correct that as well.

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Bench Press after breast augmentation. Could I Do It Now?

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This question is best addressed to your surgeon who knows exactly what was done and what the reasonable limitations are. 

If the implants are above the muscle, there will probably be no issue, so long as would healing has been allowed enough time ( 6 weeks or so).If the implants are under the muscle, a discussion with the surgeon is best. The compression of the implants by the pectoral muscles can in some opinions push the implants laterally when consistent weight lifting is done. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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