I Had Lasik Done in Both Eyes. Week Later I See Double on my Right Eye?

Had lasik done on august 23 2012. Week later I poked my right eye with a blink bottle . Made my right Ey irritated and watery. Next day I see double on my right eye. Oct 9 2012 still see double. Eye doc gave me a contact to help. Doesn't help to much. Can someone give me an explaination on why I see double and if I should see another optomitrist.H says its not astigmatism. Mention something about glue in my cornia. I think it a metphoree or something.

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Poking eye and double vision after LASIK

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you may have dislodged your flap and it now has wrinkles or is dislodged which is causing your double vision

LASIK is a riskier than LASEK as there is a flap in the former than can be dislodged by minor trauma

this can happen even years after the surgery, the flap never fully heals

you may need the flap repositioned, sewn down, or sealed with some tissue glue (not usually the way)

and do NOT trust anything an optometrist says about your postsurgical complications

ODs don't go to medical school and are not trained as surgeons, are not allowed to operate, are not MDs

so go to a MD who is a Refractive Surgeon, has completed a Refractive Fellowship, and is an ASCRS member

that's the minimum qualifications that are needed to opine on your situation

hope this helps and good luck

Emil Chynn, MD

New York Ophthalmologist

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