If I have InjectIons Can I Put Fat on my Butt?

If in 2005 I had butt injections, now I would like a fat tranfer from my stomach to my butt ia that possible n safe

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Injections to enhance your buttocks

Thanks for your great question -


There are already some good answers posted.  The key concept is that fat transfer relies on the newly moved fat cells establishing a reliable blood supply.  


Any foreign body or scar tissue decreases a plastic surgeons ability to safely and effectively use fat to enhance your contour.  Even previous fat transfer makes this process more difficult.

In addition - be aware there are no "substances" or products that are approved for enhancing the size or shape of your buttocks.  Things like silicone injections for this purpose can create significant problems in the future.


In our San Francisco, CA area office we exclusively use fat transfer for this purpose because it has a safe, reliable track record.


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Brazilian Buttock Lift

The brazilian buttock lift/augmentation involves harvest fat from areas of your body where there is excess fat and injecting that fat carefully into the central zone of your buttock. In addition, it involves liposculpting the buttock to facilitate a more rounded look. The common donor sites for this procedure is your posterior waist/flanks, lateral thighs, back, waist, and anterior tummy. Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer to buttocks

Fat transfer to the buttocks is one of the safer techniques of buttock augmentation. "Injections" or foreign material into the buttocks is the most dangerous technique. The type of material injected and the amount injected are important to know before considering if fat transfer is safe. Try to get your records for the 2005 procedure and bring them with you to your consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Armin Moshyedi, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon
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After having had butt injections can I use fat transplantation to the buttocks?

Butt injections are very dangerous, and frought with many complications. One of the main problems with "injections" into the buttocks which are usually given by non-licensed personnel is that you don't know what foreign substance is being injected. From the many horror stories associated with such injections, the material used is not what was related to the patient. At this point adding fat to these ares may result in a much higher risk of complications. I would strongly dissuade you from seeking fat transplantation.

George Lefkovits, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer after butt injections

In my opinion, fat injections using foreign materials is unsafe and even potentially lethal.  This procedure has received attention in the media lately due to some severe injuries ad even fatalities that have occurred.  Of course once injected, these substances cannot be removed.  Anytime you have more surgery such as BBL or implants, our risk for infections, seromas or fluid collections are greatly increased.  Make sure you obtain a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in butt augmentation.

Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon
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