I Have an Infection With Puss Coming out of my Incision. Small Opening, Been Almost Three Weeks?

tummy tuck,puss coming out.not a big opening but i have discharge coming out and im on augmentin.i dont smoke and i am healthy.all most 3 weeks since tummy tuck.when should it clear up.i am worried.i had a really good doc do my tummy tuck.

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Small incisional drainage - many reasons.

From such a brief description and no clinical exam, no-one can give you much more than a guess at causation. Small opening at 3 weeks along the incision line with a little bit of yellowish or whitish discharge are most commonly spitting sutures. Although technically this is "pus", cultures are usually negative. The body is simply breaking down the absorbable sutures and the pressure breasks through the weak scar tissue of the incision. These are not concerning and resolve with simple dressing changes. If a constant flow of drainage is occurring, that is worrisome for a deeper problem. Either way, informing your surgeon of what you are experiencing and closely following the prescribed therapy is important.

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Infection post tummy

Sounds like a superficial infection and you may just be spitting soem sutures which is not uncommon.I would monitor my temp,complete the antibiotics and you should clear up.

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Incision Infection

Since it has been 3 weeks you may require that area of drainage to be explored and irrigated out in the office. Discuss this with your PS.  

Good Luck

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Drainage after a tummy tuck

Drainage after a tummy tuck can occur for a number of different reasons, most of which are minor and self-limiting (they get better on their own).  If your surgeon used deep sutures that do not dissolve we sometimes see deep stitch infections that will not heal even with antibiotics, in which case the deep stitiches have to come out.

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Everyone is different and heal on different times. We cannot give you adequate advice without seeing you and examine you. Sounds like your doctor is treating you as needed.


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