I had Inferior Pedicle Wise Pattern Breast Reduction? (photo)

Were my nipples to lateral to be brought in closer to my Mid Sternal line? Using Wise Pattern, would it have been to hard to position the new location of my NAC 1-2cm closer to my MidSternal line so they didnt appear so lateral? My measurements: Pre-op Right nipple to SSN= 27.5cm &9cm - IMF, Left nipple to SSN= 27cm &10cm - IMF. Right 547g removed & Left 557g. Inferior Pedicle Base 9cm. New location of NAC: Both Nipple - SSN= 21cm & Nipple - IMF=6cm, Nipple to MidSternal line= 12cm, Chest Circumference= 86cm around fullest part of Breast. Could my NAC have been closer?

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Trust in the plastic surgeon you chose?

Anatomical measurements are used for surgical planning before a breast reduction procedure. It appears that you have post-operatively made your own measurements. This would be very helpful to take to your plastic surgeon and discuss. Hopefully, you chose a board-certified plastic surgeon to do your procedure. I would discourage you from asking for confirmation of less than perfect results from other plastic surgeons. Surgery is an art, both technically and in communication. Every person's body is asymmetrical, surgery never promises perfection. If you did the breast reduction to correct pain in your back or shoulders, is that pain better? If you wanted a more lifted breast, is the breast shape better? Realself is a great forum for real people to ask questions about possible surgery. If you are already a patient in the care of a surgeon, you need to ask your surgeon directly.

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