I Am in the Process of Financing my Brazilian Butt Lift and Found MedicalFinancing.com NPLB, is This Legit?

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Financing for Cosmetic Procedures

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   Carecredit has probably the most business in this area, but I am unfamiliar with this particular company.


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I would be wary of the terms offered by financing companies. They are all legit but they charge outrageous fees for loans

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Financiing your Brazilian Butt Lift

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We offer several finance companies in our office and have worked with MedicalFinancing in the past. I think they are "legit" but as with any company, make sure to check the very fine print. I have found that this company in particular has given interests rates as high as 40%. In this situation, I actually declined to do the procedure because I couldn't in good faith do the procedure (even though it was only injectables) knowing that my patient was paying such a high interest rate. Also you need to find out if there is a "application fee" that can be a few hundred dollars. Do your research because only you can determine if it is worth it. Did you already try carecredit or glamourcredit?

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