I Am in the 410 Study, Developed a Seroma and Went to the Doctor Yesterday and Now Have Capsular Contracture?

Last time I asked a question it was answered quicky, thank you all. Now after the seroma, i have capsular contracture in the same breast. I read allover the place that cohesive gel and textured implants are less riskier...um, i have those and am developing contracture in the other one as well. My doctor says there are different treatments, but I read about the partial capsulectomy and don't really know what to do or who is the best in u.s. at fixing it.

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Capsular Contracture with 410s

   The capsular contracture can be treated with any number of approaches.  If capsulectomy is selected as the treatment option the anterior and posterior capsule walls should be removed.  Please find a board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials to do this procedure for you.

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There are a few options for capsular contracture

If the contracture is early you might have your surgeon prescribe a leukotriene inhibitor like accolate or singulair - we have seen these help in some cases.  Although there is no national "expert" in contracture there are certainly surgeons in each area of the country that do more revision cases.  It is best to go for a consult and be sure that the surgeon you choose has done numerous cases like yours and can show you the before and after pictures that have the result you desire.  Unfortunately, I think the "less risky" and "better" aspect of the 410 has been overstated and it is cases like yours and other women I have treated that prove it.

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