I Have Hypocalcification and Weak Enamel. Is It Better to Get Veneers or Bonding?

I'm a 32 yr old Female. I've had bonding on my front teeth before but it only covered part of the teeth and has now formed a discoloured line between the bonding and natural tooth. Most of my teeth have had fillings. I am being recommended for veneers for my front 10 teeth but this seems like a big committment. Should I get re-bonded or get Veneers? I also grind my teeth. I am worried about tooth sensitivity and the other teeth that would be covered by the veneers. The dentist is a student

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Hypocalification..And Ten Veneers

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Hi Taj...If the dentist is a student and has not had a lot of experience in veneer placement, I would run the other way!  Ten Veneers is a very expensive proposition and a lot of work to have done.  You want a very experienced cosmetic dentist who has done a lot of veneer placement. If you are grinding your teeth, I would suggest you get your bite checked first and a bite guard made. You will do the same on your new veneers and this could cause chipping. First take care of the bruxism and then explore ALL  possibilities before you have 10 Veneers done!  Once Veneers....there is no going back. 

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Hypocalcifications and weak enamel

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Pocelain Veneers or Composite Veneers (bonding) are both conservative restorations.  Cost is a major determination to decide.  Ceramic veneers to not stain but if you chip one are more dificult to repair.  I strongly advise grinders with veneers to sleep with bruxism appliances.   

If ceramic is in your budget they are usually more attractive and stain resistant.  Both of these are art not restorations, it is important to find a dentist experienced in cosmetic procedures.  There is more to a warm beautiful smile than just slapping on a covering, be it composite of ceramic.‚Äč

Porcelain Veneers are a much more stable long term treatment option

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Considering the weakened enamel from hypocalcifications and your past history of composite bonding, porcelain veneers are a better treatment selection and also a better long term financial investment.


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