I Was Hit in the Nose After Septorhinoplasty?

I was hit in my nose from the front by my little nephew. i had a septorhinoplasty 7 weeks ago. my doctor rasped my bump down no osteotomy involve and also nasal valve surgery. After i got hit i notice a bump on one side of my nose. i called my doctor but he was on vacation. but he still talked to me he asked me if i bleed? and told him no. does my nose hurt? i said no. he told me to put ice and visit one of the doctors from his office. My question is why do i have a bump will i need surgery?

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Post Rhinoplasty Trauma to the Nose

 The bump may or may not be related to the recent trauma. At seven weeks post operative rhinoplasty and with the circumstances you state above your nephew may not have affected your results adversely. Your surgeon will know what was done during the procedure and upon direct examination should be able to determine what the current bump you are seeing is from. It is unfortunately common to have slight trauma to the nose after surgery typically inflicted from flying objects, toys, arms, pets etc so do not be overly concerned. With no bleeding or pain after the incident hopefully you will recover fine. See your treating surgeon as soon as his/her return to the office for a follow up to discuss your concerns. Protect your investment and be careful. Best regards!

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