I Am Happy with my Otoplasty Procedure But Have a Question About Helix Portion? (photo)

Well i had my surgery 3weeks ago with no complain or problems at all.I am still wearing a headband whenever possible. My only concern is how the tip of my ears stick out(pretty noticeable). Everything else is perfect, but just wanted to know if this is fixable. I feel like it needs a simple little re touch on the tip on them. I go to school and work, will a simple retouch be enough for me to miss 2weeks just like i did for my otoplasty? Thank you in advance to all, hope to hear a response.

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Simple Fix after Otoplasty

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   Although it seems simple to hold the ear against your head, realize that a suture or two to do that will reduce the sulcus or groove behind your ear to almost nil.  Kenneth Hughes, MD ear pinning Los Angeles, CA

Secondary Otoplasty Revision

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In order to get a smooth and even helical rim, the question you have to answer is whether you want the top of the ear pulled back to match the rest or have the middle part of the ear brought back out to match where the top is. In reality, the top sticks out because the middle part is overcorrected or pulled too tight against the side of the head. But if you like that look then it is a matter of putting in an extra suture to pull the top part back as well. That is a simple touch-up that would involve none of the recovery that you have been through from the primary otoplasty procedure.

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