Neograft 3 Weeks Ago, Doc Said Would Be Better After 3 Days?

I Had Neograft Done Three Weeks Ago and the Doctor Said It Was Going to Bother Me for About Three Days and Its Now Three Weeks some tiimes i cant sleep because of it is this normal?

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3 weeks after Neograft

Although I am unsure what "bother you" means, it is not normal in my practice for patients to experience any irritation other than possibly itching 3 weeks after an FUE procedure.  Sometimes, especially with the Neograft procedures I see patients who had big punches used for graft extraction (1.2mm) and this leads to increased healing time and a lot of vascular trauma in the back of the scalp.  I would recommend you followup with the doctor that performed the procedure so that they can examine your scalp and identify the problem.

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Neograft 3 Weeks Ago, Doc Said Would Be Better After 3 Days

You say that it bothers you and you can't sleep. These are non-descript terms. How does it bother you? If it is pain, is it red and warm to the touch? This could mean it is infected. If so, return to your doctor as soon as possible. If it itches, then this is temporary and should subside soon.
The recovery time with the NeoGraft procedure is usually very short, only a few days before you can return to your usual activities. Also our NeoGraft patients have virtually no discomfort compared to other hair restoration procedures.

E. Ronald Finger, MD
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3 wks post-op

It is normal to feel discomfort after the procedure, as your doctor advised. For example, you may feel increased itching and slight discomfort for 2-3 weeks after and this may explain the difficulty you are experiencing with sleeping. However, it is very important to differentiate typical and expected side effects from signs of a possible complication, such as infection. I would advise close monitoring of your symptoms.

it is always best to follow up with your Neograft physician so they can do a thorough examination to rule out any complications and better advise how to minimize your discomfort.

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Our Neograft patients tolerate the procedure very well. Many never even take their pain medication and have an uneventful recovery. It is quite normal to 'not be bothered' by the procedure 3 days later.  What symptoms are you experiencing 3 weeks later that are causing you not to sleep? Itchiness and tingling are normal but it should not be something so significant it keeps you from sleep.  Follow up with the physician that performed your procedure to see if there is something that can be done.
Good luck

Grant Stevens, MD
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3 Weeks Post NeoGraft Discomfort Advice

Discomfort three weeks after having the procedure is not uncommon, especially if there were large extractions when harvesting the donor site. However, discomfort and redness can also be a sign of a potential infection. Therefore, it would be best to follow up with your surgeon to evaluate the healing process or to determine if there may be an infection present. If the area is infected, it may be necessary to use topical and/or oral antibiotic medication.

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NeoGraft Recovery

Thank you for your question, memendez. NeoGraft recovery can take up to three weeks, or sometimes longer as each patient's reaction to surgical and non-surgical procedures differences. We have found a one to two week recovery time is most typical for our patients. At the three week point, your hair will start shedding, a normal part of the regrowth process as once your shedding finishes, growth will begin in the grafted area. Please schedule a consultation with your board certified hair specialist physician to address your concerns and monitor your recovery and hair growth.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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NeoGraft Recovery

Recovery from a NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure is typically pretty quick with patients citing only slight discomfort for the first couple of days.  Some patients explain this discomfort as being similar to having sat in the sun for a little too long, but it is not common in my practice for patients to have persistent discomfort.  While your symptoms seem quite vague, I would recommend following up with your operating surgeon to discuss your experience and for a comprehensive evaluation.  Best of luck!

Stephen T. Greenberg, MD
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Neograft Recovery

I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems recovering from your Neograft procedure.  In my experience, most patients are well on their way to recovery by the 3 week postop time period.  I would recommend following back up with your physician for a comprehensive exam.  Best of luck to you!

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Your doctor said 3 days but you're saying 3 weeks.  Either you misheard your doctor or something is not right.  Call your doctor.  Follow up with your doctor to figure out why you are having trouble sleeping.

Jae Pak, MD
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Not sleeping?

Can you please be more specific as to your symptoms?  We prescribe narcotics for pain.  At 3 weeks there should be very little to no pain.  You should see your doctors asap if you are having intolerable pain keeping you up at night.

Tim Neavin, MD
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