I Have Gigantomastia and I Only Am Concerned About Weight and Not Ptosis Can I Only Have Liposuction?

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Liposuction for breast reduction

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Liposuction/liposelecction ( vaser) is an effective technic for breast reduction, especially if less than half of the breast volume is reduced. The results are more acceptable if the individual is young, has a lot of fatty tissue and breasts are not very saggy. Superficial liposuction and vaser helps streched out skin to shrink. Recovery is very quick and scar is extremely small. 

Breast reduction and liposuction

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Sometimes liposuction can be successful to reduce breast volume if the breast is fatty and less glandular.  It will not provide a lift.

Lipo can make breasts smaller

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Without seeing a picture and without examining you, it is hard to say with certainty. There are patients who are not ptotic but just have excess. Unfortunately these patients are often very young and the breasts extremely dense. Liposuction is not as effective in that setting. The percent reduction would probably not alleviate your symptoms. It does not however burn any bridges for future surgery. It is actually harder to do a reduction when there is no associated lift. Hopefully there is a Board Certified PS in your area that is experienced with this sort of situation. Best of Luck!

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