Accelerated Orthodontics Pros and Cons?

What are the pros and cons of Accelerated Orthodontics? How is the procedure like? There isn't much available information around, what else do I need to know?

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Accelerated orthododontics

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I find that most patients who come in for a consult do not realise that they have crowding at the back of the mouth as well as the front. So normally we have to correct the whole dental arch.

Accelerated ortho is only useful for mild cases and usally at the front. If you opt for not creating space at the back then you are more likley to have your teeth shaved interproximally to create space.

For me Invisalign for the Whole Arch gives better results.

Watch my video of whole arch Invisalign, without having to take teeth out.

Many ways to achieve this goal

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There are soo many ways to move teeth today and many are faster than traditional methods.  I have found that Invisalign is moving my cases to finish in about 12 months.  Who would want brackets and wires if you don't have to have them.  Six Month Smiles protocol allows for a bracket and wire solution with a quick resolution of straightening the front teeth.  There are many options.


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Teeth can only move so fast. The rate of movement is not determined by the type of braces or how frequently they are adjusted. It is controlled by the way each person's body responds. It is not possible to "accelerate" the rate of tooth movment beyond what the body will allow. So the length of time it takes to straighten teeth and correct the bite will depend on how far the teeth have to be moved and the sequence in which the movement must be done.  Orthodontics can only be "accelerated" by setting limited goals and/or choosing a less than satisfactory outcome. Check with a couple of orthodontists in your area so you can be certain your goals will be met by the type of treatment you choose!

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

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Accelerated Orthodontics is a new catch phrase meaning limited orthodontics

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Virtually all adults want orthodontic correction ASAP, but they know that it usually takes a couple years for most treatments.  Accelerated Orthodontics, or 6 month orthodontics, has gained some popularity because it is fast by orthodontic standards.  It can be of value for an adult who will just be having some cosmetic veneers or crowns on the front teeth and just need a better alignment of the teeth to be restored.  It is important to have a thorough evaluation to rule out TMJ and other dysfunctions before doing any orthodontics.  Many patients would not qualify for this procedure and would be not served well if it was offered.  A more comprehensive approach usually makes a lifetime satisfied patient.  Since Invisalign (virtually invisable, with no braces) can be offered for many adults, the treatment time is not as much of an issue.  Proceed with caution.

Do you mean Short Term Ortho?

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If that is what you mean (as in "6 Month Braces") it is not accelerated. The teeth aren't moving faster than normal, they aren't being treated differently in any way. Treatment simply ends when things look nice.

Short term ortho is simply limited-in-scope orthodontics. It's like going to a movie and leaving after the previews and opening credits. You simply didn't finish the whole show.

Short term ortho is generally concerned with just the "smile zone" and when that looks nice, the braces are removed. The bite is left alone, the root angulations are not corrected etc.

For most adults, this is enough. For the youth, comprehensive ortho is best.

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