I Have a Few Questions About the Lazer Removal of a Tattoo? (photo)

my questions are: will my age be a factor in the removal as my skin is still young? (im 19) will the thin black lines in this tattoo break up faster as there alone compared to compact block of ink? i can still feel the ink under my skin dos this mean its a professional tattoo and will take longer? because it is a new tattoo will it take longer to remove? once its faded alot will i be able to tattoo over it before it is completely removed? how many sessions might i need? thanks in advance.

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Best approach to a tattoo on the chest

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Thin black lines do respond faster than denser tattoos. New tattoos (less than 6 months) do respond more slowly to treatment, unless you can find access to the PicoSure laser. This newer laser, in my experience, works much better on fresher tattoos than the conventional lasers. Once it lightens you can certainly tattoo over it should you choose to do so.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Tattoo removal on chest

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Black tattoos usually respond well to laser treatment.  The tattoo is quite dark so it will require many treatment sessions for maximal lightening (at least five, likely ten or more). Yes, you can apply another tattoo over the first one once it has gotten lighter.  In this case, you would not require as many treatment sessions, if your goal is just to lighten it.  I don't think that your age will make any difference.  If you can feel the ink, there might be some scarring from the tattoo needles.  This might persist even after the tattoo is faded or gone.  I don't know how recent the tattoo is.  Any raised areas might also be areas that are still healing if the tattoo was very recent.  The chest is an area that is prone to poor healing and keloid scarring.  It is best to be conservative on the chest with laser treatment and start with lower energies. 

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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