I Fell 9 Days Ago and Bruised my Rt.breast. I Am on Plavix and Aspirin. I Had a Complete Hysterectomy 40 Yrs Ago?

I am large breasted and the blood seemed to head towards my nipple. I have a hardened area about 1 inch by 2 1/2 inches. I try to move the lumpy area around so that it won't be permanently there. The coloring is now black and purple around the nipple and the rest is yellowish brown. Is there anything I could be doing to help this bruising and lumping to go away? Should I see a Dr. about this?. I had a clear mammogram about 6 months ago. Can this cause another condition in my breast? I am 70 yrs. old .

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Bruising after a fall

All patients on aspirin and plavix have a higher likelihood of bruising after trauma. Please seek help and have the area evaluated.

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Bruising on the breast

You didnot mention if you had any prior breast surgery done, so I will assume you have not.  If you feel a lump and are concerned you should have a doctor check it out.  Chances are that it does not require surgery and will resolve on its own, but I cannot tell you that without an actual exam.

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Our best advice is to visit your doctor, it sounds like a hematoma. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.


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This sounds like a hematoma, a collection of blood related to the fall and to your anticoagulation medicines. I do think that a visit to your primary physician is in order.

Thanks and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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