I Have Facial Lipodystrophy Bilaterally. If I Get my Own Fat Transferred, Will It Possibly Disappear Again?

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If I Get my Own Fat Transferred, Will It Possibly Disappear Again?

Unfortunately, yes.  The duration of fat injections remains somewhat controversial and the subject of some dispute.  In general, most of the fat survives but it can do so variably and, as a result, one or more procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired result.  And this is true regardless of the origin of the relative defects.

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Fat Injections For Facial Lipoatrophy

The risk of fat injection augmentation, no matter where on the body it is placed, is lack of survival of the fat. That risk can vary dependent upon where on the face it is placed, in what volume and what is the cause of the initial lipoatrophy. If your facial lipoatrophy is medication-induced, the success of fat injections would be unlikely.

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