I Had Facial Hair Removal Now my Skin is Pitted. Now I Am Afraid of Using Lasers Now?

I am a guy who has had 5 treatments of facial hair removal over the past 8 months. Now, the skin on my chin and on my mustache area has pits. 1. I am going to stop anymore treatments, but what do I now for the pits ? :-( 2. I have had a pending appointment for a profractional treatment of my face, but now I am scared of what the lasers will do to my face. What should I do 3. Maybe I am just being paranoid but I also have the first signs of nasolabial folds are also appearing. I am 45 years old.

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Laser Hair Removal on Face

Thank you for your question. Male hair acts as a filler, and plumps the face a bit.  When the hair is gone, there may be some light pitting where the hair once was. This should resolve or improve in 6-12 months.  Reevaluate in a year, then see your Board Certified Dermatologist or plastic surgeon for an evaluation and a plan. I hope this helps.

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