I Had One Eye Done for Reading Last Night Today It Seems Blurry then Clear Will It Clear? 50/20 Vision.

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Healing from LASIK

It is common to have good vision the day after a LASIK procedures, but dryness may limit vision.  I suggest that the frequent use of artificial tears should help your vision and talk to your surgeon if vision is not excellent at a week.

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Reading vision correction

the time course for recovery for reading vision depends on many factors

your initial rx and if you were plus or minus to begin with

your age

if you had incisional surgery or noncutting--the latter is safer but recovery time is longer

how much mono was attempted

your occupation

preexisting dry eyes

your brain getting used to it

please dont evaluate your reading eye at distance which makes no sense but pts do it

Emil Chynn MD FACS MBA


Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
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