I Had an Endoscopic Brow Lift (3 Slits in my Hair Line) 6 Months Ago and 1 of my Eyebrows is Sagging?

my doc says that he can remove the skin off that eye but I am concerned that although the lid has returned to droopy like before the procedure, my eyebrows will remain uneven. what is a good way to voice this concern with my doc?

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It is not unusual for patients to notice asymmetry after surgery...that may have been there all along. If you are unhappy with your postop results, it is important to objectively evaluate the pre and post op photos to determine whether an asymmetry existed before.

It is much more difficult to address asymmetry with an endoscopic browlift as opposed to an open browlift. So if you are still unhappy, it may be best to discuss this approach with your surgeon.

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Brow Asymmetry After Brow Lift

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      Several things can influence this.  It should be fairly easy to come to a resolution on whether the brow position is asymmetric.  The amount of lateral hooding at the eyebrow and eyelid junction as well as the skin redundancy of the upper eyelid are different elements and may have been asymmetric before surgery.

Unhappy Brow Lift

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 When dealing with any contractor that has produced a less than favorable result it is best to be non-confrontational, direct and repetitive. Write down your concerns and point them out to the practitioner. It helps to have photographs to illustrate your points. Request how your concerns can/ could be addressed. Ask for your surgeons plan of action. Write it down next to each concern. Repeat your concerns to the contractor and the responses your contracture has made. Do not be confrontational. May I suggest you let your contracture know you are a bit confused as your result is less than what you and others had anticipated. You are simply trying to figure out what to do and it is less confusing if you can write it down.
 Then, even if you are happy with your surgeons answers/ plan of action request copy of your operative report from your surgeon. Consider taking it for a second option from another surgeon in your area. It helps to here another contractor suggest the same options for correction of your concerns. May I suggest a member of the ASAPS. They are experts in revisional cosmetic surgery. Best,

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Correction of eyebrow asymmetry

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An open conversation with your plastic surgeon is necessary.  Discuss what you like and don't like about your post operative appearance.  He is in the best position to understand your anatomy and judge the result of your surgery.   It is possible that a revision will be necessary to get your your best result.  

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Endoscopic Brow lift

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Thanks for your question.  I would be honest with your doctor.  Any patient who has an honest conversation with their doctor about their specific concerns is usually taken very seriously.  I'm sure your doctor also wants to see you have a good result.  Let the surgeon go over the various options that are available at this point and then the two of you can find which plan will be best do address your specific concerns.

Shaun Parson, MD
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