I Think I Have Double Bubble? (photo)

I am three weeks post op, and I think I have double bubble on my left breast, (I had 410cc, under muscle). My breasts were slightly tubular to start off with and my surgeon had mentioned that he would stretch the skin under the nipple. I know I am early on in recover, but is there anything I can do to help reduce this getting worse or even improve it? Im not seeing my surgeon until Jan. Thanks you for any help.

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I think given your pre-op asymmetry you have  great result, it does not look like a classic double bubble, I think you will be very happy but you will need to wait a full 6 months to a year for the skin to truly stretch and round out

Double Bubble?

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   Preoperative asymmetry involves compromise both from a technical standpoint and a procedure standpoint.  The right breast is developmentally below the left by a significant amount.  I would say that some compromise with IMF position has to be accepted.  The lower pole on the left can be supported in the postoperative period to prevent further bottoming out as the old crease stretches. 


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There is some irregularity in the left breast. At three weeks there is still a significant amount of healing that has to happen. Call and see your surgeon

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Double Bubble Full of Trouble.

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Hello and thank you for your question and photos.

You clearly have breast asymmetry prior to surgery with you entire right breast higher than your left.  This includes the breast tissue, nipple/areola, and breast crease.  Your surgeon was placing your implants symmetrically by releasing some of the constrictions under the left breast to drop the crease.  In some women this is easier than in others.  The 'double bubble' you speak of is due to your constrictions being quite strong and resistant to release.  Because of this, your surgeon may elect to try to massage this area to release more constrictions over time, vs. elevate the crease again and accept the breast asymmetry.  However if the former is chosen, you may want to discuss with your surgeon correction to your nipple asymmetry, and possible areola reduction as well.

Prichard, MD

Call your plastic surgeon.

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I would call your surgeons office and express your concerns.  There may be a non -surgical approach he/she will have you take.  Its always best to stay in touch so your surgeon is aware of your progress.  The sooner you call the better. 

Double bubble after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and answers.

The area of concern is quite clear in the photographs. I think you will do well by calling your plastic surgeon's office and seeing him earlier than scheduled.  It may be that he has some thoughts about additional  external support for the left breast during this time period. 

 Best wishes.

Double Bubble?

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You definitely had some asymmetry before surgery and perhaps in trying to adjust the pockets, this devleoped. Speak to your surgeon. It may stretch out, or he may want you to support the lower pole differently. 

Double Bubble?

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It looks like you have some asymmetry in the before photos, with a higher fold on the left side. It may be that your surgeon made the pocket lower on that side, and that the area of indentation is the crease from the original fold. 

I would suggest seeing you surgeon earlier than January to discuss the best way of supporting the current fold to prevent "bottoming out." We all use routine follow up schedules, but see patients with issues whenever that is warranted. 

Thanks for your question and for the photos attached. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Double bubble

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To me, your photos look like there may be a little bit of downward pocket expansion on the left.  You might consider wearing a tight sports bra that has a thick band to support this area 24/7.  Sometimes, I will use external taping as well.  Make sure you are not excessively active, and don't do exercises that involving bouncing (like jogging, aerobics, horseback riding) until this has a chance to heal.

Speak with your surgeon about your concerns.

Double bubble?

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It's too early to say that's a double bubble or that its going to be permanent. You should call your PS for some reassurance and an examination before January if it will make you feel more comfortable. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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