I Dont Have a Symetrical Face and Jaws Are Swollen. Any Treatment For my Case?

asymetrical face,and my jawlines are not same one it is too wide another is normal.. and also swollen .this happened two months ago. before my face was normal as all. How do i get my normal face back. Is it possible? Is it tmj disorder?

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Botox and asymmetry

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Interesting this is a recent change to your face in the last few months? Or maybe it's more obvious to you? Have you gained or lost weight recently? Botox works on the masseters to reduce their size thereby changing the shape of your face - over several consecutive treatments.

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Swollen jaw may be a sign of other issues

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Before you begin looking for a cosmetic solution, you should first find out what caused this sudden change in your jaw.

Swelling that comes on quickly for no reason is most likely an inflammatory response to something going on in your body, jaw, teeth, etc.

Until you know the cause, it is a little imprudent to try to mask the symptom.

I would most certainly suggest you see a dentist first and then if there are no issues with TMJ or oral disease, see your primary physician to make sure there is not something going on healthwise that you should address.


Nissan Pilest, MD
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Asymmetric jaw, new onset ?

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As long as you don't have dental problems or abscess, it is possible that you have a dislocated jaw (unlikely), or more pronounced masseter muscle which could benefit from masseter muscle Botox injections to give you symmetry. You may want to start with a dentist to make sure you have no acute dental problems - he/she may determine if you have a TMJ problem and/or more pronounced masseter muscle which gives you a square jaw (asymmetry) with one side being worse than the other. In any case, you need a thorough history and examination and once it is determined that it is a masseter muscle problem, then there are physicians who have expertise in injecting Botox to correct this prolem. If it is something else, they can make an appropriate referral for treatment/surgery.

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