Deviated Septum and Nostril Close When Breathing in? (photo)

Hi I am 14 years old and I am on medicaid. I have been told I have a deviated septum and my nostrils close when I breathe in. I also have a huge bump on the bridge of my nose where I was kicked in the face once by my nephew when I was about 8 or 9. I'm a girl and I'm extremely self conscious about this. I never post anything on the internet but I'm so desperate for help right now. Are there any doctors in Texas that could preform septorhinoplasty on me and have it covered by medicaid? :(

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Functional Rhinoplasty, Wait Untill 16 Years Old

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It sounds like there are  two problems going on with your nose: septal deviation and external nasal valve collapse. The former can be addressed with septoplasty and the latter can be addressed with cartilage grafts near the alar rim (batten grafts). If these cause nasal obstruction, this should be covered by your insurance. You might also need other simultaneous procedures, such as turbinate reduction. Unfortunately, the nasal hump reduction is considered to be cosmetic so it is not covered. Most importantly, however, you should wait until you are approximately 16 years old so that you avoid surgery that can interrupt nasal growth. In the mean time, try breath rite strips during exercise or if you have trouble breathing at night. This may help you open your nasal airway non-surgically for the short-term.

Rhinoplasty and 14

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You are a bit young to have a rhinoplasty. You are probably still growing. I usually wait until young ladies are at least 15 or 16 and have reached adult size.  Youw ill also need your parents' permission.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Septorhinoplasty on Medicaid

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If you have septal deviation and unilateral nasal obstructive symptoms consistent with this as well as external nasal valve collapse, these two things may be done to improve breathing under insurance.  However, the large bump is cosmetic and would not be covered by insurance.

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