I Did VI Peel but Without Any Improvement?

Hello, I did VI peel and now I'm in Day 7 and still red spots exit. I didn't notice any improvment Please I need your advice? do I have to do it again ?? is it possible to do another session in the same month or do laser better?? thanks

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Post Vi Peel

To answer your question one would have to know what you are treating. Are the red spots you are treating from acne? Red spots from acne may take months to fade- peel or no peel. Speak with your dermatologist.

New York Dermatologist
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Skin Peels

Whatever the condition you are trying to treat needs a diagnosis and proper treatment. See a board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment protocol

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Red Spots after VI Peel

I am assuming that the peel was done in a doctors office and you were treated by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  The VI Peel has different strengths of the treatment but it is generally for pigmentation difficulties and fine lines.  If you were treating the "red spots" with the peel there may be better treatments available for your needs.

Thomas P. McHugh, MD (account suspended)
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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