I Have Crohns: Can I Get Radiesse or Any Filler?

I want more chin. So I decided to Get filler. My PS said Radiesse and Restylane. I have an app this month. After seeing that MOST reviews On Radiesse are horrible. (bruising for 1.5 years, imune problems, lumps, migration to other parts of face, and i guess because Radiesse stays in the body etc ) Im scared to try it now. How is it that most chin implant surgery reviews are great and most Radiesse reviews are a nightmare, damaging lives? Is this alright?

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First of all, having Crohn's disease does not preclude you from having any dermal filler treatment.  Second of all, Radiesse is a great product when injected properly.  It is true that once Radiesse is injected, it can't be removed. So if you are nervous about the results, then you may want to try an HA filler first such as Juvederm or Restylane which, if you do not like it, can be melted away with an injection of Vitrase.  


Good Luck

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