I want to get a columellar strut graft to make my nose look like this from the profile, is it possible? (photos)

I have a nose that look like the one in picture 1. But I wanna get a columellar strut graft to make it look like the noses in picture 2,3 and 4. I only want it to look like that from the profile. I dont want to change the look of my nose from the frontal view at all. Is it possible to get my nose to look like that from the profile with a columellar strut graft, without changing the look of my nose from a frontal view? Thanks

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More tip projection

It is possible to get more tip projection and less suprtip fullness, essentially a more straight lateral profile.  A columellar strut will likely be important in addition to some other integrated techniques.

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Your nose...

The pictures that you have provided as your "dream nose" all have a straight profile with tip definition.Your nose has a dorsal hump, large lower lateral cartilages, and poor tip definition.  You may not need a columellar strut graft.  All that you may need is a rhinoplasty, with dorsal hump reduction, etc.  Addition solely of a columellar strut graft will not give you your dream nose.

Raghu Athre, MD
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