I want to get a columellar strut graft to make my nose look like this from the profile, is it possible? (photos attached)

I have a nose that look like the one in picture 1. But I wanna get a columellar strut graft to make it look like the noses in picture 2,3 and 4. I only want it to look like that from the profile. I dont want to change the look of my nose from the frontal view at all. question 1: Is it possible to get my nose to look like that from the profile with a columellar strut graft, without changing the look of my nose from a frontal view? question 2: Will it look natural? Thanks

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Columellar strut graft.

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Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is always a 3-dimensional process, meaning that changes to profile will also alter the frontal and base views, too. That said, it's often possible to retain much of what the patient likes about his or her nose while mostly changing the undesirable features. However, doing so in this case would require more than just a strut graft. It would require several other maneuvers to restructure the tip the way you want. A surgeon who focuses extensively on rhinoplasty can probably come up with a plan and computer simulations to give you a better idea of what's involved and how the other views of the nose will change with surgery.All the best,--DCPPearson Facial Plastic Surgery®

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Columellar graft in rhinoplasty

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Hello square123 

This question is not relevant. You have to consult with a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and tell your complaint. Determining to what kind of operation is necessary for your request is your doctors job. There are different way to achieve the result you are looking for. For my opinion you need multiple cartilage grants and I prefer "Turkish Delight" procedure for you. Good luck.

Ege Ozgentas, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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