I Had a Chin Implant Removed After 2 of Surgery Can I Use Steroids Shots?

I had a chin implant removed yesterday after 2 weeks ago I want my chin back can I used shots of steroids for the swelling?

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Steroid injections two weeks after chin implant removal

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I would not recommend any steroid injections two weeks after removal of your chin implant.  The swelling that you have is a result of the trauma of the surgical procedure and will subside by itself over time.  

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Steroids For Chin Implant Removal Swelling ??

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Steroid injections to help reduce swelling faster after recent chin implant removal is a bad idea. It will likely cause unpredictable amounts of soft tissue atrophy and soft tissue irregularities that you may come to regret later. Be patient and let nature takes its course in resolution of the chin swelling.

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