I Have a Broken Front Tooth That Needs a Root Canal. What is my Best Option? Is an Implant a Good Idea?

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How to restore broken tooth

Thanks for your question!  Ideally if your dentist has recommended a root canal, they have made the assessment that the tooth can be saved, so at this point, an implant wouldn't be necessary.  Of course, the decision is totally yours, but we favor conservative dentistry, that is, preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.  Best wishes to you!

Best option for fixing a broken front tooth.

Choosing the best option depends on a few things: 1) the severity of the damage to the tooth and its long-term prognosis after it's fixed, 2) the health of the gum and bone support around the tooth, and 3) the condition of the surrounding teeth.  Get a few opinions and make an informed decision.

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Broken front tooth what should I do?

In most cases you are always better trying to save your natural tooth and in most cases its less expensive to save your tooth than remove and start with implant... good luck


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