I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 4 Weeks Ago Thursday and I'm Still in Severe Pain Taking Morphine?

I'm still in excruciating pain what can I do for help? My surgeon offered to numb the nerves with shots. Is there anything else I can do?

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Pain after Breast Reduction

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It is highly unusual to have that much pain 4 weeks after breast reduction surgery.  You may want to consider a second opinion so that a fresh set of trained eyes look at you to rule out any kind of missed complication. Infection and undrained hematomas might be the most likely causes of pain this far out after surgery. If those types of problems are ruled out, you may want to consider an intercostal nerve block. 

Breast reduction and pain four weeks later

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It is very unusual to be in so much pain after breast reduction surgery that at four weeks out you still need morphine. You may need to see a pain control specialist.

Severe pain after breast reduction is very unusual.

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This is most commonly associated with a hematoma.  Go back to your surgeon.  A sonogram of the breasts may be very useful.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast pain following a breast reduction

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There are many unusual pain syndromes that can occur after any surgical procedure.  These are not uncommon with breast surgery.  There are nerves that come up between the ribs all around the base of the breast.  These nerves can be bruised during a breast reduction surgery.  The pain, termed hyperesthesia or dyesthesia can be treated in several ways once accurately diagnosed.  You can consider massage to help desensitize the nerves, injection of the nerve with either a steroid or Botox, or if very severe there are medications that can be effective.  Follow the advice of your plastic surgeon and over time this usually resolves.  

Breast pain after breast reduction surgery should subside within 2 weeks

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Most of my breast reduction patients are off of pain medication at 7-10 days after surgery. You might be having an issue with infection, fluid collection or hematoma - discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon !

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