I Had a Breast Reduction in 2004 and Now I Have These Sores Thatwill Not Heal That Are on Incision?

Is this normal

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“Sores” after Breast Reduction?

Your description is very unusual; it may very well be that the lesions that you are currently experiencing are not related to the breast reduction procedure done 8 years ago. I would suggest that you seek consultation in the near future.

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Breast reduction and sores

Now eight years after a breast reduction these sores that you describe may or may not be related. An exam in person is necessary to determine what is going on.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You need to see your doctor. It can be a few things. We use observable sutures that our body sometimes does not let our skin heal. Without an exam we cannot diagnose what can be going on with your incision. You need to have that checked a.s.a.p.


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