I Had a Breast Lumpectomy 4 Months Ago and Since then I Have Been Feeling a Lump Below the Scar.what Can I Do?

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Lump below the scar

You need to maintain constant follow up with your surgeon. This is probably just a resolving scar tissue.

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Follow up with your surgeon

If you have any concerns with your breast, especially after cancer surgery, you really should make a follow up with your surgeon for a full examination.

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Lump after lumpectomy

Hi.  It is most likely a scar tissue vs. a small blood clot.  You should visit with your surgeon so that he/she may examine you.

Breast Lumpectomy 4 Months Ago -- Feeling a Lump Below the Scar

This may well be scar tissue, but do not  accept on line reassurance. This must be shown to your surgeon for evaluation.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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