I Have Just Had Breast Implants of 365cc and Have a Little Bit of a Pectus Excavatum?

this only effects the left of my ribcage and isnt extream. One of my boobs are set further back than the other due to my ribcage going in a little, and although they have the same implant one my left looks a little smaller due to it being set back even though they are actually the same size. However I am getting worried now as my left one seems too be getting a lot smaller with the roundness at the top and also seems too be sinking in a little at the bottom, should I be concerened?

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Pectus Excavatum and Breast Augmentation

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     In pectus excavatum there are a number of chest wall issues that can exist in combination with just the indented central portion.  There may be asymmetry in the breasts as well, which necessitates asymmetric pocket dissection.  One implant usually drops faster than the other, and that may be the case with the fullness at the bottom.

Pectus excavatum and breast implants

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An option for camouflage correction of pectus excavatum is to use a larger implant to account for the breast augmentation and the change in rib contour. I have performed many of these and have found the results of larger implants on the pectus side can correct the problem.

Pectus and breast implants

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Breast implants do not change the underlying bony abnormalities that you have. They will only make the breasts larger. The pectus will stay if not surgically corrected.


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unfortunately breast implants do not change the preexisting chest wall anatomy. If there are irregularities prior to the surgery they will be there afterwards also

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breast Asymmetry More Common Than Openly Discussed

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Breast asymmetry of a mild or moderate severity is found in up to 85% of women.  These findings are uncommonly discussed in the open.  When breast augmentation surgery is considered, the cause of the asymmetry becomes more important in the planning process.  In your case, pectus excavatum is a chest wall deformity that is difficult to adjust for completely when using implants for augmentation.  If the deformity is worse on one side, you will experience some differences as you described.  It is likely to stabilize and not get worse after several weeks.  Given your anatomy, some degree of asymmetry is unavoidable.  You should discuss your specific case further with your surgeon.  Best wishes.

Breast Augmentation and Pectus Excavatum?

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Thank you for the question.

Based on your question, it is clear that you have had breast surgery recently. Therefore, you can expect the breast implants to change position and for the breast to change shape several over the course of the next several months.  It is therefore too early to evaluate the results of surgery;  I would suggest you allow yourself 3 months before judging  the outcome of surgery.

In the meantime, continue to follow closely with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to address your concerns precisely and (hopefully) provide you with meaningful reassurance.

 Best wishes.

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