I Have Had 6 Breast Implant Infections This Yr. Even 2 Following New Implant?

i have had 4 different antibiotics, even IV. they work for about 2 months and infection returns. what to do

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Recurrent implant infections

The next step would be an infectious disease consultation. The type and strength of the infection requires workup to confirm that the antibiotics were appropriate and strong enough. However, it is quite possible that the implants may need to be removed.

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Atypical mycobacterium infection has to be considered

dianahelm: sorry to hear about your course.  atypical mycobacterium are nonbacterial pathogens, which are related to the fungii and have been associated with recurrent breast infections.  The organism is difficult to culture unless your PS or Infectious disease consultant is thinking about it. In case you haven't seen an ID consultant, you should ask for a referral.  Your other consultants are correct in assuming that implants are probably not a good idea. Hope this is helpful.

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Breast infections repeatedly

If you have had multiple infections that required antibiotics repeatedly over the past several months to year, then it may be best to start over and remove them and wait a few month until things clear up.  Cultures shoudl be sent to r/o unusual infections like from fungus.

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Breast Implant Infections

This is very concerning.  I would recommend permanent removal.  After a time interval I would recommend external expansion with BRAVA if appropriate and the fat grafting for a natural result.

6 Breast Implant Infections This Yr. Even 2 Following New Implant

We need a bit more information to give a useful answer here. For example, was there  time lag after the first implants were removed and the new ones inserted. 

It sounds from what is written here that the implants need to be removed. No consideration should be given to replacement for at least 3 months, preferably longer. If feasible, consider fat grafting instead of new implants. 

Sorry to hear a story like this. All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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6 Implant Infections

    This question will require more information to answer.  What was the culture result?  What antibiotics?  Did they test for fungus or TB?  What was the length of time you were treated with antibiotics after the implants were removed before the new implants were placed?

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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