I Have a Breast Expanded and Always Have Fluid Drainage, Im on Bactrim, Why All the Fluid?

i had breast cancer stage one, both breast was removed and i have expanders right now, i have one that healed fine n the other had a bractial infection, removed expander and replaced it and healed fine, BUT now I have fluid pockets that drain from a small hole in my breast, soon i will go in for the implants, why all the fluid pockets and will this get better with the implants?? oh yes im on Bractim right now too,

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Fluid Drainage, Tissue expander after mastectomy

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You need a visit to your surgeon before going in for surgery. The drainage is most likely a sign that the expander is infected and the standard treatment is removal, and allowing the breast to heal for at least 3 months before putting the expander back. Doing anything but that is all too likely to fail and result in removing the implant adding still another operation to the string of reconstructive procedures.


Thanks for your question, sorry for the problems you are having. Best wishes. 

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Tissue expanders and fluid

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If you have a hole in your breast draining fluid, then it sound like the tissue exander shoudl be removed. In all likelihood it is not a good idea to have an implant placed if you have actice infection. Follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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