I Was Bit by a Dog, He Took Part of Lip, Surgeon Stitch Nerves and I Have Electrical Feeling? (photo)

Can you tell me how long this will be...they had to stretch my good side of the lip over and attach what was left of the other side, its numb, itches, and feels like electrical pulses....any suggestions.

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Facial Reconstructive Surgery does not end after the surgery!

Dear Friend:


First of all, I'm happy to hear that you are well.  The electrical sensation that you feel is actually a good sign!  This typically happens when any nerve that is damaged is beginning to grow back - so I usually take this as a good sign.  After any type of Facial Reconstructive Surgery, I always tell my patients that it takes the body a year to form a scar.  I would give yourself a good 10-12 months from the initial injury before declaring that you've seen the final results.


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