I Have Bad Burning Pain on Stomach and Flanks After 8 Wks from Smart Lipo. Doc Said I Shouln't Be Still Hurting?

He Ordered voltaren gel. It is not working at all. He said steroids would be next. I do not want to take steroids based on my previous experiences with them. I am afraid to tell the doctor that I am in such awful pain, mainly since he said at 4 weeks I should not have this pain. I am so afraid that I have permenant nerve damage. I cannot wear my pants around my waist at all. I have to roll everything I wear down below my belly. I am 55 and female. What can I do to stop this pain? Do I have PHN?

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Sorry to hear about your pain. The only person that would be able to address your concerns with knowledge is your surgeon that did the procedure. You need to tell him what you are feeling. 8 weeks it’s not abnormal to have discomfort.


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