I Had an Augmentation and Mastoplexy 19 Days Ago and I Have a Golf Ball Size Constant Burning Feeling? (photo)

on the very upper inside of my left breast that has been there for 5 days. When I take a deep breath I have an intense sharp pain in the exact same spot. There is not a hard spot to the touch, it's very soft. My Dr.'s nurse called me in Robaxin thinking that it's a muscle spasm. The medicine does not appear to be helping. There is a slight difference in the left and right side that has become more noticeable, but that could them dropping. Any ideas on what the pain might be?

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Change in Size of Breast 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation and Lift

   The development of any new mass with a change in size after breast surgery should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

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Constant Burning Feeling

Other than the point of discomfort, I can't see anything helpful on the attached photo. The discomfort and odd feelings you are experiencing are quite common, each patient having her own unique sensations. 

Any further evaluation will not be successful on line and without an exam. A call to your surgeon is most appropriate. Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Pain and “ Golf Ball” after Breast Surgery?

It will be in your best interests, in the event that you continue to have discomfort and breast asymmetry to be seen by your plastic surgeon in person. Otherwise, on line consultants can only speculate and  potentially provide you with  nonspecific, misleading information and/or false reassurance.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Consult your plastic surgeon in person with any unusual pains or swelling.

Muscles healing after augmentations can give you different sensations.  It is best to go in person and have your surgeon examine the area to rule out anything undesirable.  If this is from healing, although bothersome, it will resolve with time.  But make sure the only advice you are following is from your PS. 

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Pain after augmentation and mastopexy

I f you are having intense pain after a breast augmentation and mastopexy and you are feeling a "ball like" structure, then it sounds like you need to be examined. It could be a hematoms, fluid, fat necrosis, the implant..to name a few.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Post-op Breast Pain

It is not unusual to have pain in an isolated area for a period of time after surgery.  As long as your doc has evaluated you, time is usually your best friend.  The spasm and or nerve ending irritation will typically subside.  Sometimes, gently rubbing the area multiple times per day will help de-sensitize the nerve endings.  Hope it resolves soon.

Charles R. Nathan, MD, FACS
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Burning Sensations could be many things. Assessment and follow up by your surgeon is needed.

Dear Chylee,

Thank you for your question.

Its very difficult to see anything from your photo, however.  Burning sensations/pain could be many things.  Commonly, the muscle is manipulated or elevated or partly detached during the surgery on purpose.  This may lead to a buring feeling until the muscle heals.  Nerves can also cause a burning feeling and usualy resolve on their own with time.  If there is a mass along with the burning feeling, it could be a fluid collection, muscle spasm, or possible infection.  Only a good physical exam can rule out something bad.  Monitoring by your plastic surgeon and following his advise is best course of action.

Best Wishes!

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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