I Have Asymmetric Swelling After Vaser on my Abdomen. 1 Area Bulges out and is Softer. Will This Resolve? Should I Be Concerned?

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Post Vaser Lipo Swelling

Thank you for your question. We typically see swelling for 4-6 weeks, and then it resolves and resolves. Use of the Vasershape accelerates the resolution, as well as Velashape. I hope this helps.

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Asymmetric swelling after Vaser

Thank you for your question.

Asymmetric swelling which is soft might be due to seroma - accumulation of inflammatory fluid. In response to operative intervention body reacts with normal inflammatory process during recovery , this associated with production of serous fluid. It normally gets reabsorbed via lymphatic channels. Sometimes production exceeds processing of this fluid, then it can accumulate as a small pocket of fluid. The best thing is to aspirate it to expedite recovery. Your surgeon can easily do it for you - just with a needle and syringe.

Alexandra Chambers, MD, PhD
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