I Have Amblyopia, Ptosis Paretic Lateral Rectus Muscle and Folds is It Worth Fixing? Rt Eye

I have Amblyopia Ptosis Pathetic lateral rectus muscle Retinal folds and 20/100 vision in my right eye. I'm 26 and I've always wanted to look normal . When I was 12 an English specialist gave me an option to have surgery but I was too scared and I had no insurance. My pupil does move side to side but not all the way. Would surgery make it look worse than it already is?

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You need to be evaluated by an Oculoplastic surgeon and Strabismus surgeon [pediatric ophthalmologist]. THe problems you are describing need a dynamic evaluation by specialists in person.

Your eyelid issues can be addressed by the Oculoplastic surgeon. You can find one near you by searching on ASOPRS dot org. The eye movement issues by the pediatric ophthalmologist [even though you are no longer a child]

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