I Had an Augmentation/lift Via Periareolar Incision 1 Week 12 Days Ago? Do I Still Need Bandaids? (photo)

Should I continue to keep putting band aids and/or gauze over the incisions after applying the neosporin 2 twice a day? At what point will I be able to return to working out, even just squats. I will see my ps in another week, just curious to what others experience has been and other perspectives. Thanks

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Incision Ointment Application

  Every surgeon has his or her own scar and incision management protocol.  There is probably no right or wrong answer here.  I usually ask patients to refrain from working out for 4 weeks.

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Incision care

Typically at this point you can leave the incisions alone.  As long as they are healing well with no open areas there is no need to apply ointment.  Your surgeon ay give you some tape to put on to help minimize scar formation at the next visit.

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Incision Care after breast surgery

Most likely you were asked to put band-aids over the incisional areas to keep the ointment from soiling your clothing, and to help it stay in place.  As to exercise, I generally tell my patients that they should plan on not exercising for approximately 6 weeks postop, although this varies, and I make a decision based on postop progress. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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Do I Still Need Bandaids?

These questions are best asked of your surgeon. We all have our own ideas about managing the incision. Some feel that taping helps with the ultimate outcome  of the scar. 

As to return to activities, incisions reach 90% if their healing strength by 6 weeks, at which time most surgeons allow full activity. Check with your surgeon about the specific work out you are considering. .

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

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Breast augmentation questions

These sound like questions that you should ask your surgeon directly. He will be best to advise you on his specific post-op care instructions.

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I Had an Augmentation/lift Via Periareolar Incision 1 Week 12 Days Ago? Do I Still Need Bandaids?

Best to call your surgeon or be seen by him/her to discuss ALL issues, even bandaids. BTW a great early result. 

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