I Had Accidentally Sneezed 3-4 Times Through my Nose 2 Days Post-rhinoplasty?

I had accidentaly sneezed 3-4 times through my nose 2 days post-rhinoplasty, but I hadnt any bleeding or pain.. Could this have influenced the shape of my nose?

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No it cannot change the shape of your nose. You need to try really hard to not sneeze or cough through your nose. If you have no pain or bleeding you should be ok. You need to get a follow up with your PS.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Sneezing and rhinoplasty

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Sneezing early post-op after rhinoplasty, while can be uncomfortable, should not effect the overall shape of the nose. It could perhaps cause some bleeding from the pressure buildup during the very early post-op.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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