I Had an Accident when I Was 14 That Fractured my Two Front Teeth,went to a Dentist but Did Not Get the Required Result? (photo)

when i was 14 i had an accident that fractured my two front teeth. went to see a dentist but the result i got after the visit is still making me feel uncomfortable. Can't remember the name of the process the dentist did but he had to reduce the size of my two front teeth and then replaced it with a crown.the crown is not of same color with my teeth and its bigger than my teeth structure. what can i do because i feel so embarrassed about it, and i want my teeth whiter. am in the United Kingdom

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Fixing Front Teeth

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Yes you can have these two yellow crowns removed and redone with all porcelain and bleach your other teeth and possibly close spaces with invisalign orthodontics.  Go to a good cosmetic dentist.

Unhappy with 2 Front Teeth that were restored when 14 y.o.

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It sounds like you had crowns made, perhaps at a very reduced fee, by a dentist that did not specialize in cosmetics. Remember, you get what you pay for, when it comes to cosmetics. Some dentists are true artists and work with very specialized ceramists in cosmetic dental labs, and produce truly amazingly beautiful results, while others charge discounted fees and the results reflect it.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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