I Am 68 and Have a Lot of Bone Loss in my Upper Jaw I Have Had to Have Extractions and Now Told by my Dentist That I Will?

Have to have my bridge removed and dentures fitted have I any other options?

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68 Years Old with Lots of Bone Loss

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This question cannot be answered on the internet without seeing photos, X-rays, as well as a physical exam. If you have severe bone loss, then your only option is extractions and either a complete denture or else an implant supported denture.

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Dentures Retained with Mini Dental Implants

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Mini Dental Implants are a great option for people with bone loss as your case. They are immediate load, and you can get Dentures with O-rings which works as a "housing" and these o-rings sit over the mini dental implants. 
They are a great option and you can speak and laugh freely as well as eat anything you want. All the procedure is performed in just one week.

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