I Am 62 with Good Skin. Double Chin Driving Me Nuts. Will Venus Freeze Work on Chin?

I have looked into lipo but doctor thought skin would sag and I'd need face life. Read about Venus Freeze and wondered if it would eliminate double chin and tight up skin. Anyone have experience with this? Love to avoid face lift as my face is basically wrinkle free and I can pass for early fifties.

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Treatment of double chin

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I would really need to see a picture of your chin and neck to give you a valid assessment.  Treatments can range from surgical lift to liposuction to lipolysis(destruction of the fat cells and reabsorption of the fat).   The latter can be achieved through freezing fat cells or heating them up with radiofrequency. Each has its pros and cons.  Another interesting technique coming available later this year will be dissolving the fat cells with injection of cholic acid.  I have attended several meetings where this new technique was presented and the results are impressive.

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